How I came up with PrideBunny.

It's been a while since my last blog post and there are some valid reasons why. So to make up for my absence I thought it would be a good idea to tell you the PrideBunny brand story. No fancy white lies, just pure truth. And it's gonna get dirty. So let's start where we left off last time...

What happened to my Eurovision Flags business.

If you missed the previous blog post, I'll save you some time: I used to own a brand called Let's Flag and we were the first and only brand supplying hand waving flags to the Eurovision Song Contest shops. I do not have anything to do with Let's Flag anymore, and here's why.

In March 2017 I had this idea that I would like Let's Flag to become more Pride-orientated and expand into seasonal Pride products. I am talking the usual stuff you see at Pride Festivals like lanyards, whistles, braces, etc. etc. At the time we had a lot of country flags and we sold several rainbow ones too. I had a meeting with my at the time business partner and told him about it and he totally loved it.

So we started working on this idea (or let's be clear: I did!). I Asked him to design a baseball cap, as I thought it could be something really cool to make rainbow caps. But what I saw... guys... you need to see this yourself. I might get sued for all this one day, but I really don't give an F about it anymore, so here it comes:

Nice, ey? How much more offensive can you get?! First I laughed, then I cringed, but in the end it just made me angry. I have been working really hard on the new Pride range, researching products, suppliers, quoting prices... yet this guy just spent 5 minutes sticking a huge HOMO on a googled cap pic. This was too much. I knew there was only one way of freeing myself from this horrible business partnership with the laziest person on the planet - I had to quit. And so I did, or I thought so at the time...

I was bullied into staying in the business for months

I think I wasn't a very assertive person when my business partner told me there were many things to be finalised before I could actually leave. We had a client for whom we were making make-up brushes in Japan and we already were making samples. I decided to stick around to finalise the deal. Nothing changed for months, I was still working alongside the very same lazy guy and doing 90% of all work (in a 50/50 shared company!). But this is a story for another blog post!

Let's go back to the moment when I received the HOMO cap design.

Well, I decided to make something on my own and said I was quitting any further work on developing the Pride range for Let's Flag as I didn't want to share my ideas anymore. And I stuck to my guts with it because I had a big idea in my head. I wanted to create the first ever baseball cap company targeting LGBT+ people. It really came from my own attraction towards guys wearing caps in clubs. I thought - what if there was a gay brand and instead of wearing Adidas or New Era caps, they would wear my brand?

I was looking for an easy memorable name. Went on Panabee and started putting random words into their search engine: Pride, Puppy, Kitty... all domains and brand names were already taken.

And then it happened.

I looked through my designs for the Let's Flag Pride range. It was there all the time: the Pride bunny ears. Pride Bunny, PrideBunny. I checked - free, no brand names using it, no copyright infringement... nothing! There it was, right in front of me all this time. It felt like a prophecy coming to life. PrideBunny - the first brand of rainbow baseball caps. So I bought for the whole $1.99.

To be continued...

Next time I will tell you about the very beginnings of PrideBunny and where the rainbow under visor came from... And it's quite a fascinating story!

Matt x


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