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Bunny.Style was created by Matt Orzel, a London based entrepreneur as a celebration of world's diversity. You can follow Matt on his Instagram @matonholidays.

If you are interested in our brand policies you can access them here:

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If you are interested in our charity work - please go to our FAQ secion.
If you are helping in or organising a charitable event and are looking for help - get in touch! We love helping the community:)

Otherwise, our story is below!

We are an LGBT+ owned brand and here is our short story so far: 

In April 2017 Matt had an idea. He wanted to create something very special, something that nobody else has developed before. Honestly, there was just this idea: create a brand that serves the LGBT+ community and beyond. Something you and I could identify with, a brave brand by our side. 

There were many smaller ideas - one of them: baseball caps. Let's be honest, this was quite selfish of Matt - he's a cap person. But damn it worked out well! First PrideBunny caps arrived in July 2017. They were super rare as we only made 150 at that time, and we really struggled to sell them. 
We knew that they were something big though! And thanks to social media ads we found the way to find you guys - our awesome customers who are not afraid to wear our accessories - moreover - are proud to do so!

Today we are developing further items following some very basic rules: quality, great design and fair price. We always try to give you this little extra when we make our products. So you'll see that:
  • our socks are of high-end quality, even though they cost much less
  • our cardholders are made of a state-of-the art leather alternative - washable paper - resourced from purpose-grown trees.
  • our beach towels are even more absorbent and durable than some leading brands 
  • our caps are one of a kind, awesome quality and fit
  • our Bunnies Underwear is the comfiest ever and is made of special germ-killing cotton

And there is more coming, so stay with us - subscribe or just get in touch to learn more! We have probably the best customer service on the planet, so go on, give us a try! 

Anna x 

P.S. if you want to get in touch with us, the quickest way is to use a Facebook Messenger button. You can also always email us at hello@bunny.style.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to receive phonecalls.

Please note that our phone customer service is currently being tested and it is still best to send us a Facebook Message.

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