Cookie Policy

Cookies we use on our website are necessary for our business to be able to reach the audiences interested in purchase of our products.

Cookies we use:

Google Analytics cookie

This cookie lets us collect statistics data in line with Google Analytics policies.
We do not collect the actual personal user data and are not able who visits our website but we collect the following:

Approximate location (city, country), Bunny.Style pages visited, time spent on our website, purchase amount, products purchased, acquisition source (if you came from Facebook, google search or elsewhere). 
We only collect data made available to us by Google which comply with latest International and Country laws, including the European data protection law (GDPR).

Facebook cookies

We use Facebook cookies that are made available to us if you come through our Facebook ads. We do not know who you actually are and collect the following:

Gender, age, approximate location (city, country), language, purchase amount

We also place a cookie on your device which lets us retarget our ads to you. We still don't know who you are, but in line with Facebook policies we are able to display our ads to you once you have visited our website. In reality we use this cookie to create lookalike audiences - people who have similar interests to you according to Facebook. We do not get any access to this data, so would not know your interest and behaviours ourselves.

Inspectlet cookies

This cookie lets us track your physical movement on our page. Thanks to this we are able to see a recording of some sessions. This shows us where the user clicked and tapped. We are not able to connect this recording to an actual person - we use it solely for internal analytics, in order to identify any issues and help us improve the site. All session recordings are deleted after 3 months.

Things we DO NOT collect or know about you:

Who you are
Where you live
Where you work
Who your friends or family are
Your sexual orientation - we target our ads through lookalike audience created by Facebook - based on people who visited our website). We also target our ads based on an average audience of people interested in certain events such as LGBTQ Pride. So you might think: how did they know I like the rainbow - well, we did not, but Facebook knows pretty much everything about you and they let us use only general information. The targeting takes place inside Facebook algorithms.
Your relationship status
Any health info
Etc. etc.

We basically do not know who you are but are able to access general statistical data from Facebook that lets us display our ads to you.

You can delete all these cookies from your device at any time and the instructions how to do this are easily available via online search.

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