Shipping Prices

Our Shipping Prices are as follows:

We offer free shipping for all orders over $100 in the USA. 
If you return some items and upon the return of your items the total value falls below $100 we will deduct the shipping charge of up to $10.50 from the total sum of your refund (depending on what it would cost as per below).

0lb to 1lb (if letter size)

Shorts, T-shirts, some Chinos, Socks 3-packs, Masks

USA - $6.50

Canada $10 - $15

1lb to 2lb parcels
Caps, 2 caps, towels, cap and socks, and other combinations up to the specified weight.

USA - $10.50

Canada $22.50

Larger orders over 2lb
USA - FREE if over $100 or $15 if under.

Canada $22.50 - $30

Rest of the world shipping:
Please check shipping price when checking out.

Returns and exchanges are free in the USA in all 50 US States and Washington D.C., excluding Puerto Rico and other US territories.

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